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Summer Squash & Sausage Stew – Supply and Demand

This simple squash and sausage stew represents my idea of the perfect summer supper. It’s very comforting, relatively fast, wonderfully flavorful, and helps solve a problem that’s existed since neighbors started planting gardens; what to do with all that squash.

If you’ve ever planted squash, you know that there’s no stopping this force of nature once it starts producing. Just a single row of plants will yield enough for you, your immediate family, your extended family, your secret second family, your neighbors, traveling salesmen, and anyone else who happens to cross your path.

Far from simply hiding the humble vegetable, this recipe lets the squash be the star. As long as you follow my pleas to let everything get nice and soft and tender, a very fine bowl of food awaits you and your crusty hunk of bread. I hope you give this a try soon. Enjoy!

Ingredients for 4 portions:
2 tsp olive oil
1 pound Andouille sausage, or other spicy, smoked sausage
1 large onion, diced
3 cloves minced garlic
1 cup crushed tomatoes
3 cups chicken broth, or as needed
2 pounds summer squash, cut in 1-inch pieces
1 1/2 pounds Yukon gold potatoes, cut in 2-inch chunks
1/2 cup diced green pepper
1 tsp salt, plus more to taste
freshly ground black pepper and cayenne to taste
1/4 cup chopped Italian parsley
grated parmesan cheese, optional

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Grilled Tuna with Freshly Grated Horseradish Sauce – Giddy-Up, Taste Buds, Giddy-Up!

Whenever I hear people say you shouldn’t ruin fresh fish at the sushi bar by dipping it in copious amounts of wasabi-spiked soy sauce, I think to myself, yeah, but that's how I like it. Sometimes I just don't care about "overpowering the natural flavors," and this grilled yellowfin tuna with freshly grated horseradish sauce recipe is one of those times.

I saw a nice piece of fresh horseradish root on a recent trip to the market, and since I love the combination of salty soy sauce and searing, nasal-clearing wasabi, I decided to try a similar preparation with a couple grilled tuna steaks.

The recipe is very straightforward, and the only piece of special equipment you will need is a microplane-style grater, so you can turn the aromatic radish into a fine, white snow. As is custom, I've listed my best guesses on the ingredient amounts below, but consider everything in this, "to taste." I didn't use citrus, as I went with the tomato slices, but that would surely work too.

By the way, I did a little research (very little), and read that some believe the term "horseradish" comes from the fact that horses were once used to crush the spicy roots under-hoof before being grated. Unless those were some very well-trained (and regular) horses, and they were wearing some kind of sanitary horse slippers, I'm not sure that was such a great method.

If you don't find fresh horseradish, give this a try with finely grated ginger. I can't believe that wouldn't work quite well. Also, as I mentioned in the video, this same condiment would be lovely with all kinds of fresh grilled seafood. Enjoy!

Ingredients (for 2):
2 (8-oz) tuna steaks, lightly oiled
2 tablespoon soy sauce
2 tablespoon seasoned rice vinegar
1/2 teaspoon sambal chili sauce
1-2 tablespoons freshly grated horseradish root, plus more as needed
4 sliced sweet cherry tomatoes
1 tablespoon minced green onion to garnish

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Brokoli ini adalah salah satu dari sekian banyak sayuran yang banyak sekali manfaatnya buat tubuh terutama untuk menjaga kesehatan dan kecantikan. Dan sepertinya buat yang nggak suka harus mulai suka deh karena brokoli ini ternyata selain mengandung vitamin C juga merupakan jenis sayuran yang mengandung serat makanan dalam jumlah banyak, yang perlu diketahui juga ternyata brokoli mengandung senyawa glukorafanin, yang merupakan bentuk alami senyawa antikanker sulforafana (sulforaphane), dapat menjaga kesehatan jantung, mencegah sembelit, menjaga kesehatan kulit, detoksifikasi racun dalam tubuh, mencegah anemia dan lain sebagainya. 

So gals nggak ada alasan untuk tidak suka brokoli mengingat begitu banyak manfaatnya, apalagi kalau sudah diolah brokoli ini bisa jadi masakan yang rasanya sangaaaaattt enakkkk :) bahkan sekarang ada juga dalam bentuk minuman yaitu jus brokoli, nah balik lagi ke olahan brokoli aku hari ini mau share resep beef broccoli in black pepper sauce yang biasanya aku bikin pas masak prawn balls w/ mayonnaise yang udah aku posting kemaren, kita mulai saja yukkk gals!

Beef Broccoli in Black Pepper Sauce
by: yurike sasaki

Bahan-bahan :
200 gr daging sapi, iris tipis
250 gr brokoli, cuci bersih, potong-potong
1 buah bawang bombay, iris tipis bentuk bulat
3 siung bawang putih, cincang halus
1/2 sdt merica hitam/black pepper, ulek kasar (jgn terlalu halus, bila suka bisa ditambah sesuai selera)
1 sdm saus tiram
1 sdm minyak wijen
1 sdm tepung maizena, cairkan dengan 3 sdm air
100 ml air
garam secukupnya
minyak untuk menggoreng

Cara membuat :
1. Tumis dalam wajan bawang bombay dan bawang putih sampai wangi dan layu, masukkan daging sapi, tumis sampai daging berubah warna, tuang air, aduk rata.
2. Masukkan garam, merica hitam/black pepper, saus tiram dan minyak wijen, tuang cairan tepung maizena (aduk terus pada saat cairan tepung maizenanya dituangkan supaya tidak menggumpal), cicipi rasanya jika kurang garam atau penyedap rasa bisa ditambah sesuai selera, masukkan brokoli, aduk rata, tumis sampai matang.
3. Angkat, Beef  broccoli in black pepper sauce siap disajikan.

Note :
* memasak sayuran sebaiknya jangan terlalu lama ditumis/digoreng/direbus supaya vitamin tidak hilang, tekstur sayurnya tidak lembek/layu, dan supaya warna sayurannya tetap cantik :)

Selamat mencoba :)

Sabtu, 04 Juli 2015

She’s Not My Cherry Pie, She’s Our Cherry Pie

Were these "lips" merely a coincidence?
I think we all know the answer to that.
First of all, I’d like to apologize to Warrant for calling their song “Cherry Pie” the worst in rock history…I totally forgot about the abomination that is Jefferson Starship’s “We Build This City.” At least Warrant’s song had pie(s) in it. 

This delicious and super easy cherry pie features a crunchy, streusel-like crust, which as I joke about in the video, makes the best ice cream topping ever. It's such a natural pairing that I'm not sure it should even be served if there's no vanilla ice cream around. Of course you’re going to try and find the sweetest cherries you can, but if you don’t, please feel free to adjust the sugar amount below as indicated. Other than that, no alterations should be necessary.

Some of you may feel like sneaking some cinnamon in there somewhere, but I agree with the many who say that particular spice doesn’t pair well with cherries, and should be saved for the apples and peaches. 

Anyway, it’s the 4th of July, and I have food to eat, beer to drink, and fireworks to watch on TV. I hope you all have a fantastic holiday, and also that you give this classic summer pie a try soon. Enjoy!

Ingredients for One 9-inch Cherry Pie:
For the crumb topping:
1/3 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup slivered almonds
1/2 cup light brown sugar
1/3 cup packed all-purpose flour
3/4 teaspoon fine salt
6 tablespoons cold unsalted butter, cut in pieces
For the pie:
1 uncooked pie shell
2 pounds pitted cherries (reserve all juices!)
1/2 lemon, juiced
1/3 to 1/2 cup white sugar depending on sweetness of cherries
1/4 cup cornstarch
*Bake at 350 degrees F. for 1 hour and 15 minutes

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Sambal Matah

Sama dengan Jukut Urap, sambal matah ini adalah pelengkap menu masakan khas bali, tak ada sambal ini rasanya tak akan lengkap! resep sambal matah ini saya adopt dari sajian sedap dengan sedikit modifikasi.

Mau bikin sambal matah juga? boleh dicoba resep sambal ini ^^

.: Sambal Matah :.
source: sajian sedap modified by : yurike sasaki

Bahan-bahan :
6 butir bawang merah, diiris halus
2 siung bawang putih, diiris halus
6 bh cabai merah, diiris halus
4 bh cabai rawit merah, diiris halus
1/2 sendok teh terasi bakar, haluskan
2 lembar daun jeruk, diiris halus 
1 batang serai, bagian putihnya saja, diiris halus
1/4 sendok teh garam
1/4 sendok teh gula pasir
1bh jeruk sambal, belah jadi 2
3 sendok makan minyak goreng, dipanaskan

Cara membuat:
Campur semua bahan dalam satu tempat, kecuali terasi

Bumbu yang sudah di iris tipis
Panaskan minyak goreng, masukkan terasi yang sudah dihaluskan, tumis sampai harum, angkat.Tuang minyak panas ke dalam campuran bumbu yang diris halus, beri perasan jeruk sambal, aduk rata.Sambal Matah siap disajikan

This is it!!! Sambal Matah ^^

Enjoy :)

Jukut Urap Khas Bali

Makan Ayam Betutu khas Gilimanuk tanpa jukut urap? yang pasti bakalan kurang nikmat cyn! jukut urap ini biasanya dihidangkan dengan segala jenis masakan bali seperti bebek goreng, sate lilit dan ikan bakar.

Jukut urap ini memang cocok banget sama masakan khas bali! gak tau ya kok bisa berasa pas di lidah dengan rasa dan suasana-nya bali, benar2 yumm! *sambil ngayal lagi liburan di bali...wkwkwkwk*

Dari berbagai resep yang saya baca, rasanya lebih cocok sama resep jukut urap dari sajian sedap dengan sedikit modifikasi.

Bikin Jukut Urapnya yuk cyn!!

.: Jukut Urap Khas Bali :.
source : sajian sedap modified by : yurike sasaki

Bahan-bahan :
100gr kacang panjang, dipotong 2,5cm, rebus sebentar, buang airnya, sisihkan
50gr tauge, buang akarnya, seduh dengan air panas, tiriskan
1bh cabai merah, iris
100gr kelapa parut
2sdm minyak untuk menumis

Bumbu yang dihaluskan :
7bh cabai rawit hijau, ulek dengan 1/2sdt terasi
2siung bawang putih,cincang kasar
1bh cabai merah, iris
3lbr daun jeruk, iris halus
1cm kencur, cincang halus
1/2sdt garam
1/2sdm gula pasir
1/2sdm minyak
1sdt air jeruk nipis

Pelengkap :
bawang goreng

Cara membuat :

1. Panaskan minyak, Tumis bumbu yang sudah dihaluskan sampai bumbu matang, angkat.
2. Dalam wadah : campurkan kelapa parut dengan bumbu yang sudah di tumis, aduk rata. kukus kurleb 10 menit. panaskan 1sdm minyak, tumis kelapa berbumbu sampai harum, dicoba rasanya jika kurang bumbu tambahkan sesuai selera ( optional, ditumis supaya kelapa awet tidak cepat basi)
3. Campur sayuran dalam satu tempat, kemudian tuang kelapa berbumbu, aduk rata.
4. Tata jukut urap di piring saji, taburkan bawang goreng diatasnya, jukut urap siap disajikan.

This is it!!! Jukut Urap khas Bali ^^

Enjoy :)

Happy 4th of July!

As many of you know, our annual July 4th tradition is usually a video featuring four girls playing “Stars and Stripes Forever” on the Trombone, but this year I decided to switch things up when I saw this video of Doug Smith performing Sousa’s classic on the guitar – something I didn't think was possible. I hope you all have a fun and safe Fourth of July. Enjoy!


Ayam Betutu Khas Gilimanuk

Pasti yang sering ke bali tau banget dong sama ayam betutu khas gilimanuk, ini menu favorit saya dan keluarga pas kita ke bali pake acara nyebrang laut, bgitu turun kapal kepala agak pening *mabuk laut bo* trus makan ayam betutu tuh kepala berasa cenghar lagihh hahahah! iniiii dia obat mabuk laut yang paling ampuh, Ayam Betutu cyn!!!

Well, hari ini buka puasa pake menu Ayam betutu kayanya bakalan ajib nih, meskipun harus siap2 dengan konsekuensinya yaitu kepedesan! kalo sekarang bikin ayam betutu bukan gara2 lagi pening loh...hahahah! biasanya kalau bikin ayam betutu ini selalu bikin plecing kangkung, tapi hari ini pengen banget bikin sambal matah dan jukut urap, biar berasa kek makan di bali hihihi ^^

Resep ini selain diadopt dari kitab masakan nusantara, dapet masukan juga dari Bu Ketut, katanya bumbu ayam betutu itu bakalan lebih enak kalau semuanya diiris jangan diblender! yah berhubung dapet tips dari orang balinya, langsung dicatet dwehh!

Penasaran sama rasanya?!? Cobain bikin ayam betutunya yukkk!

.: Ayam Betutu Khas Gilimanuk :.
source: kitab masakan nusantara modified by : yurike sasaki

Bahan-bahan :
1 ekor ayam kampung/pejantan, bagi jadi 4 potong, cuci bersih, sisihkan
1sdm jeruk nipis ------> gak ada dikulkas jadinya gak pake
1sdt garam
3 sdm minyak goreng
500ml air

Haluskan/Dirajang halus:
10 butir bawang merah, iris tipis
6 siung bawang putih, iris tipis
15 buah cabai merah keriting, iris tipis
5cm kunyit bakar
2cm kencur
4cm jahe, parut
5cm lengkuas, parut
11/2 sdt terasi bakar
1sdt ketumbar
2sdt garam
1sdt merica
4 btg serai, ambil bagian putihnya, iris tipis
1sdm gula pasir
5 lbr daun jeruk

Cara membuat :

1. Lumuri ayam dengan jeruk nipis dan garam, diamkan selama 15 menit, sisihkan
2. Panaskan minyak goreng, tumis bumbu yang sudah di haluskan dan dirajang halus sampai harum dan matang, angkat.
Bumbu yang sudah ditumis
3. Lumuri ayam dengan bumbu yang telah ditumis sampai benar-benar terbalur rata, tusuk-tusuk ayam dengan garpu
Ayam yang sudah dilumuri bumbu siap diungkep dengan presto
4. Masukkan ayam yang telah diberi bumbu kedalam panci presto, tuangkan 500ml air, lalu masak sampai airnya menyusut, masak kurleb 90 menit atau sampai ayam empuk dan matang
5. Tunggu sampai panci presto berhenti berdesis kemudian angkat.
6. Ayam betutu siap disajikan dengan jukut urap dan sambal matah

This is it!!! Ayam Betutu Khas Gilimanuk ^^

Enjoy :)

notes :
* Kalau nggak punya panci presto, ayam betutu ini dimasak dengan cara di kukus, setelah dilumuri bumbu halus, bungkus dengan daun pisang kemudian dikukus kurleb 1-2jam

Baca juga resep olahan daging ayam lainnya ^_^ 
#Ayam Goreng Lengkuas 
#Ayam Goreng Sambel Hejo

Happy 4th of July!

I wanted to wish you all a happy and healthy Fourth of July! I was going to experiment with another 1080p HD upload today, but then I remembered it was a National holiday, and that I don’t need to work today. Still getting used to that kind of thing. 

Anyway, the point is I hope you can join me in not doing any work today…unless you consider grilling and drinking beer work. Have a great long weekend, and as always, enjoy!

By the way, if you're still needing to figure out a fast and very patriotic dessert to bring to that party later, please check out the no-bake, flag cheesecake pictured above!

Happy 4th of July!

Photo (c) Flickr user mmatins
Wishing you all a fun, festive, and hopefully food-filled Fourth of July! Michele and I are laying low this year, finishing up some big projects around the house. But don't worry, "all work and no play" is not something patriot Americans like us are known for. There will be enough beer, baseball and barbecue around to properly give respect to the greatest country on earth. Happy birthday America!

In what's become a little July 4th tradition on the blog, here's “Stars and Stripes Forever” played by four girls, in matching shirts, on the Trombone. Since there are probably only nine or ten girls in the entire country that play trombone, to see four in one clip is a special treat. Enjoy!